Summer Undergraduate Research Mentored Experience

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Dr. Bill Tseng

Department of Industrial, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering

Development of supplier quality management in aeronautic industry using computational intelligence

Preferred major field of study or minimum required skills

Programming (MATLAB, VB, etc..), Dashboard Design, all engineering majors are welcome to apply; computer science, computer engineering, mechanical or industrial engineering students are preferred.

Scholarly significance/intellectual merit

Aeronautic industries have limited resources to optimize surveillance of suppliers. As a result of that constraint, they can only audit a limited amount of suppliers during certain periods of time. The problem with choosing audits’ frequency in this manner is that those risks that the company takes with the material/parts they supply are not taken into account. They neither combine such risks with quality ratings, compliance with standards such as ISO, corrective actions request, etc. Therefore, a methodology that will take into account and combine all these factors was needed in order to allocate enough future resources to audit each supplier. Such methodology is called as “Predictive Quality Management Approach.” The main objective of the “Predictive Quality Management Approach” project is to develop a data-driven risk assessment of suppliers and to determine surveillance frequencies based on computational intelligence. Deliverables will be focused on a recommendation of set surveillance frequencies for each supplier based on risk and the approach for future resource allocation.

Research question(s)

The main objective of this proposed project is to be able to develop an effective predictive quality management approach to evaluate supplier’s performance particularly to significantly reduce the cost of poor quality related to suppliers in aeronautic industry. The proposed approach will conduct a risk assessment of current suppliers and determine surveillance frequencies.

Methods/techniques/instruments to be learned/utilized

The approach that will be used during the research is:

  • Identification of characteristics of the supplier in aeronautic industry
  • Literature review on quality control and computational intelligence techniques
  • Development of the predictive quality management approach
  • Implementation of the predictive quality management approach
  • Validation and verification of the proposed approach

Program Coordinator

Joseph Ramos - SURME Program Coordinator

Joseph "Joe" Ramos

Campus Office of Undergraduate Research Initiatives

(915) 747-6210